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Hy Lai: hlai@lamar.edu

Hy is a chemical engineering graduate from University of Houston, and current graduate student at Lamar University. He is an aspiring Professor and would be a great resource to reach out to for help. Feel free to contact him through his email and discuss tutoring options.

Jolie Berrios: jolieberrios@gmail.com

Jolie is currently a Senior Chemical Engineer at Lamar with over four years of experience tutoring. She has done both group and individual tutoring for Calculus, Chemistry I & II, Thermodynamics I, Process Analysis, and Engineering Economics. She has experience as a Student Instructor at Lamar and also experience working at STARS tutoring center (on-site campus tutoring center). Feel free to contact her through email for more information about tutoring options.

If you are willing to offer tutoring services or looking for more options, email lamaraiche.secretary@gmail.com.

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