Tutoring Services

Contact any tutor below for more information about including rates

Hy Lai:

Hy is a chemical engineering graduate from University of Houston, and current graduate student at Lamar University. He is an aspiring Professor and would be a great resource to reach out to for help. Feel free to contact him through his email or phone number and discuss tutoring options. Email: hlai@lamar.edu

Jolie Berrios:

Jolie is currently a Senior Chemical Engineer at Lamar with over four years of experience tutoring. She has done both group and individual tutoring for Calculus, Chemistry I & II, Thermodynamics I, Process Analysis, and Engineering Economics. She has experience as a Student Instructor at Lamar and also experience working at STARS tutoring center (on-site campus tutoring center). Feel free to contact her through email for more information about tutoring options.

Email: jolieberrios@gmail.com

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